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Associate Professor, UESTC, 2012
Research Assistant, Dept. of Phys., HKU, 2012
PhD. in Materials Physics and Chemistry, UESTC, 2010
Research Assistant, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, CUHK, 2006/2007
office: Weigu building, Rm414
Lab:     Weigu building, Rm113

Research Interests

We develope Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy to study

Ferroic Domain Wall Phenomena, Nanoscale Transport, Interface Traps and etc.


Scanning Probe Microscopy

AFM, PFM, cAFM, KSPM,  in high vacuum (1e-5Pa) with variable temperatuure from ~150K to 450K.

Specially, home build PFM modules enable up to 6 channels for simultaneous vertical-, lateral-PFM

and current-AFM.

LN2 cryostat for electrical/magnetic measurement

LHe/LN2 probe station for transport measurement

Location: Weigu building, Rm 113


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